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Senegal with attitude looking for love.

Deeno the Senegal is estimated to be about 10 – 15 years old. As he is settling in and adjusting, there are more personality traits coming out everyday as he works through his emotional issues/stresses.

Deeno does NOT like other birds and will attack if given the chance – especially if they are near his cage or the play stand when he is on it. He has not chosen a favorite person as of yet, and is currently testing everyone by lunging when you get close to him – this is a new behavior and understandable based on his past experiences.

He is now stick trained and can be moved from his cage to the stand or off the floor etc – he will say “step up” and sometimes does, but gives clear signals when he doesn’t want to.

He has an amazing vocabulary and picks up words/sentences after only hearing them a short time. He also does have that high pitch Senegal squeal so he is not suited for an apt or any shared dwelling.

We had been working on his diet and he is now eating most vege/fruit – some pellets and his seeds – while he used to eat only seeds – he gets a minimal amount now.

The introduction of toys was a slower process as he was quite scared of them, but over the months it has been much easier to give these to him – he loves chewing wood/cardboard and toys stuffed with shredded paper.

Deeno also LOVES baths – he has one every morning in his bowl and is slowly learning to like spray baths if you go slow.

The ideal home for Deeno would have no other birds preferably – no small children and someone with experience. He will need alot of time, patience and understanding as he works through his behaviors and continuous love even when hes cranky.

He is currently in a temporary cage and we hope to get him into a slightly bigger one prior to adoption.

Please fill out an application form if you think you can provide him with what he needs.

Deenos favorite evening spot

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