Adopted Parrots

Taz – Moluccan Cockatoo


Although her owners love her dearly, as a result of life changes, Taz needs a new home. Note: to ensure respectful and serious enquires only, an adoption fee will be agreed upon. Taz is a delicate creature. She needs love, patience, play, humour and long-term commitment as she has many years to live. It is very much preferred she stay in Calgary, AB and not travel long distances to get to her new home.  Will not ship.

  • 19 yrs old, hatched in N. Alberta, originally purchased from a large pet store
  • present owners rescued her from bad circumstances 17 yrs ago
  • healthy, under reg. vet care at the Calgary Avian and Exotic Pet Clinic who will transfer her medical records to her new home
  • naturally very LOUD as are all healthy cockatoos. She squawks, barks like a dog, laughs like a lunatic, responds to doorbells and phones, says “Nighty-night bed-bugs bite”; she whispers, sings, and whistles
  • goes eagerly into her cage at night to eat but is free to climb all over her two large cages when her owners are at home during the day
  • flight feathers and nails professionally trimmed by her vet annually
  • laid eggs though this has been discouraged by rearranging her environment when she exhibits nesting behaviours. Taz is highly unsuitable for breeding!
  • eats Kay Tee vitamin pellets, fresh vegetables and Lafeber’s Sunny Orchard Nutri-Berries but not much sugar-laden fruit or nuts, and never nutritionally poor “human” food
  • papers in her cages are changed once a day or more
  • rises early with loud and joyful squawks to greet the dawn and dusk
  • becomes agitated if handled too much or “cuddled”. Taz is a bird not a baby! She MUST go to an experienced cockatoo owner only with no children under 12 and other pets must be taken into consideration! Taz is unafraid and should not be left unsupervised with children, other birds, or animals
  • will “Step-Up” and with proper training and lots of attention Taz has huge potential become a fabulous companion to her new care-giver
  • comes with two large parrot cages, a parrot stand, various toys and a DVD entitled Captive Foraging


Please contact us at 403-270-8275; email:


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