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Blue Fronted Amazon – ADOPTED

UPDATE: This sweet girl has found her new feathever family!

She is a female 34-year-old Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot, with personality plus.  Perry has been DNA sexed.  Perry talks, she enjoys having her head and neck rubbed gently (she will sit on your shoulder and rub her cheek against yours) and loves attention.

I have had a change in living arrangements and need to find her a suitable long-term home.  She had a toe amputated by another parrot, so she needs to be kept physically separated from other birds in your home.  She needs at least 3 – 4 hours of out-of-cage time each day, which I am not able to provide, as I own a large dog who cannot be trusted around Perry.

Previous and extensive experience with birds is a MUST!  Perry has come back to me twice already because of unqualified owners or changing living arrangements.  I cannot take her back a third time.  It is heartbreaking to us both.  There will be an adoption fee charged.

I can be reached by phone or text at 403-585-7900 or email:

Serious inquiries only please.


Please note:  This is NOT a Birdline bird and we accept no responsibility for any medical and/or behavioral concerns noted.