We Thank You all…

Sat March 15 will forever be etched in our life, not only as a family but as a rescue. The devastating loss of 27 of our companions and friends has left a mark on our hearts that will take a long time to heal.

From the moment the news went viral, we were surrounded by so many people with words of love and comfort, support and donations. Around the world, strangers were reaching out to us at a time when we needed it the most. How do we thank so many hundreds of people for the kindness and love and embracing us.

If I could share every single message, note and card, it would fill page after page. Words don’t seem enough to express our sincerest thank you and gratitude to each and every single person who walked into our life. Your prayers and love and support have carried us through this and will continue to as the days and weeks go by.

To the hundreds of people who emailed, text messaged and sent cards, we thank you, to those who sent donations, collected donations and cards throughout your workplace, we thank you, to the other rescues who reached out to us with donations and cards, we thank you, to the businesses who offered toys and support immediately following the fire, we thank you…

This list may be missing a few names and I apologize in advance if you don’t see your name(we continue to add to the list) – it’s in no particular order and is an acknowledgment to the many people who have touched our lives in such a profound way.

Calgary Police Service, Fire Dept and EMS
Calgary Avian and Exotic Pet Clinic
Western Vet Clinic
Cal North Vet Clinic
Calgary Humane Society
Calgary Parrot Club
FEATHERS Parrot Rescue BC
Greyhaven Parrot Sanctuary BC
PetValu (Monterey) AB
Parrot Trends Ltd AB
Coco Brooks AB
Theinukshukstore AB
Parrotphernalia BC
Parrotdise Perch AB
877dr.polish CA, USA
Mollywood Avian Sanctuary WA, USA
Sigma Audio AB
Crystals Bird Toys ON
Avian Stainless BC
JW Collectibles BC


Sophia (Mission BC)
Caitlyn (Calgary AB)
Debbie (Calgary AB)
Cheryl (Victoria BC)
Nazilla (Richmond ON)
Heather (Katrine ON)
Tanya (Calgary AB)
Hayley (Saskatoon SK)
Bree (Lions bay BC)
Jacqui (Calgary AB)
Natalia (Richmond ON)
Melaina (Calgary AB)
Louise (Calgary AB)
Laura (Calgary AB)
Robin (Calgary AB)
Jesse (Calgary AB)
Janet (Calgary AB)
Carlitta (Calgary AB)
Evan (Calgary AB)
Tina (Calgary AB)
Irene (Calgary AB)
Sylvia (Calgary AB)
Elizabeth (Toronto ON)
James (Edmonton AB)
Kathleen (Mapleridge BC)
Jeanine (Calgary AB)
Ann (Exshaw AB)
Michael (Fort McMurray AB)
Sue (Calgary AB)
Darcey (Calgary AB)
Patrick (Calgary AB)
Cheryl (Vancouver BC)
Carys (Chilliwack BC)
Angela (Vancouver BC)
Heather (Vancouver BC)
David (Port Moody BC)
Bernie (Abbotsford BC)
Carloyn (St.Albert AB)
Jenny (Delta BC)
Karen (Calgary AB)
Cameron (Calgary AB)
J (Port Moody BC)
Kathryn (Montreal QU)
Sandra (Ottawa ON)
Jacquie (Victoria BC)
Dianne (Sidney BC)

Jacques (Chestermere AB)
Angie (Calgary AB)
Jack (Richmond ON)
Jessica (Edmonton AB)
Jeraldine (Calgary AB)
Susan (Delta BC)
April (Port Alberni BC)
Kim (London ON)
Karen (Calgary AB)
Kayleigh (Calgary AB)
Alex (Turner Valley AB)
Carol (Kingston ON)
Kellie (London ON)
Emma (Vancouver BC)
Sean (Vancouver BC)
Lonnie (Calgary AB)
Jeanne (Penticton BC)
Raymond (Dundurn SK)
Kathy (Chilliwack BC)
Leilani (Saskatoon SK)
Alyssa (Saskatoon SK)
Donald (Acton ON)
James (Campbell river BC)
Megan (Calgary AB)
Joshua (Vancouver BC)
Catherine (Delta BC)
Laurie (Parksville BC)
Alicia (Burnaby BC)
Lindsay (Saskatoon SK)
Kristina (Calgary AB)
Elizaveta (Vancouver BC)
Jillian (Calgary AB)
Trish (Calgary AB)
Sandi (Carstairs AB
Joanne (Calgary AB)


Barbara (Winchester Ohio)
Merrilee (Washingon)
Cathy (Henderson Nevada)
Gabriele (Weikersheim Germany)
Joseph (Las Vegas)
Seth (Sanchse Texas)
Valari (Alexandria VA)
Pink Skies (Los Angeles)
Antonia (Shreveport LA)
Gina (Elburn IL)
Kristine (Cashmere WA)
Jennifer (Crofton MD)
Susan (Valley stream New York)
Catherine (Largo Florida)
Bailey (Austin Texas)
Chandra (Cridersville Ohio)
Katy (Port Orford Oregon)
Barbara (Beufort SC)
Lucy (Basseterre St.kitts and Anguilla)
Kristine (Woodside New York)
Kristen (Madison Hts Michigan)
Tamsin (Yarmouth United Kingdom)
Ungehere (Eugene Oregon)
Claudia (Lancaster CA)
Christopher (Plainfield New Jersey)
Chris (Raleigh North Carolina)
Roberta (Niagra Falls New York)
Bobbie ( Prairieville LA)
Stephan (Midlands United Kingdom)
Aubrey (Black hawk South Dakota)
Renee (Star ID)
Robin (Leander Texas)
Dena (Murfreesboro Tennessee)
Nancy (Ann Arbor Maine)

Jessica and Ben (Milwaukee)
Tracy (Lincolnshire UK)
Mandi (Harrisburg PA)
Brittany (Salt lake city UT)
Cheryl (Livonia MI)
Judy (Parker Colorado)
Rebecca (Juneau AK)
Melissa (Lincoln CA)
Judy (Everett WA)
Sarah (Canton Ohio)
Emily (Lyman Maine) 

David (St.Cloud MN)
Heriberto (Toms river NJ)
Donna (Wading River, NY)
Rachel (Bristol UK)
Warp Drive PC (Northeast MD)
Jodi (Monroe WI)


 You gave us your kindness, love and support – the most thoughtful gifts of all….