Adopted Parrots

Basil and Lou – Cockatiels

Adoption Pending

(Photos to come)

Basil is around 6-7, I got him when he was quite young in 2006. A few years later I adopted Lou from the humane society and they have been inseparable ever since.

Lou is older and has some old wing injuries from before I got him, and a few years ago his right nostril split, we think due to dryness, and it is enlarged and appears a bit mishapen. He was treated for this at calgary north veterinary clinic but  they haven’t had a veterinary checkup since then but they seem to both be healthy.  They do eat harrisons.

These are NOT Birdline birds and we make no guarantees or assumptions on health and/or temperament.

For more info, please contact Jonathan @ Lenny’s Lair Cockatiel Sanctuary or call 403.971.5401.

UPDATE: Basil and Lou have transitioned into a foster home and have since decided they are not totally inseparable after all!  Lou is unable to fly and has taken residence with a few other disable cockatiels – Basil is sort of hanging out and not really pairing up with a friend quite yet.  Please contact Jonathan above for further information on adopting one or the other or both.