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Articles regarding Parrot care by our very own vets at Calgary Avian and Exotic vet clinic.

  • Parrots and Frostbite
    Living this far north, we Canadians have learned how to protect ourselves from sub-zero winter weather.  We bundle ourselves up with boots, toques, warm coats and cozy mittens when heading outside. Without such protection, prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures could lead to hypothermia and frostbite.  Unfortunately, humans are not the only species at risk for frostbite.  ...
  • Keeping multiple parrots.
    The following outlines important factors for maintaining a healthy flock. By Leticia Materi, PhD DVM Calgary Avian and Exotic Pet Clinic Quarantine A proper quarantine protocol is the most important step to prevent spread of disease in any animal collection.  Its purpose is to allow sufficient time for newly acquired birds to exhibit clinical signs of disease and to ...
  • Mango’s Surgery
    Mango’s Medical Story Anna and Steve brought Mango to our clinic shortly after his surrender for his general assessment and to address a chronic open wound on his upper chest. Mango had a history of feather destructive behaviour and sadly, he fell into that group, typical of male Moluccan Cockatoos, that takes feather destructive behaviour to the ...
  • Keeping your bird merry (and safe) at Christmas
    By Leticia Materi, PhD DVM The holiday season is a time of cheer and good will, entertaining, decorations, and tasty goodies.  However, it is also a time of disrupted routines, compromised eating habits, lack of sleep, and chaos! We humans can easily take a moment for ourselves during the hustle and bustle of the holidays: grab a nap, ...

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  • a ward matthews

    would like a talking(?) parrot friend to keep me company since I am older, retired and own my house but am worried about vet.. can I get really good medical coverage for a monthly fee , and if so . how much?


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