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New Web Site!

Happy Sunny Sunday!!
Another beautiful day outside 🙂

The past few weeks we have been incredibly busy. We have been going through applications, screening applicants and have a bunch of home visits lined up this week – very exciting – we will keep you updated on the possible adoptions.

If we haven’t gotten back to you yet in regards to your application, please give us a poke to remind us you sent one in.

We have also been working on the new website which goes live today. There are alot of kinks to work out yet and we are in the process of taking new photos and updating ALL bios on all birds. Please be patient as we work on this in between answering emails/applications and doing visits.

We have our upcoming fundraiser Nov 20 and we hope to see many of you there.

We currently have over 35 birds waiting for adoption and a waiting list with over 12 to come in.

We do still require veterinary care for ANY existing birds in your home. If you have birds and want to adopt, we will request proof that your birds are seeing a vet yearly. Responsible pet ownership is not just for our dogs and cats but should include ALL exotic animals. If you have not had your bird to a vet we will not process your application.

Birdline runs by the small adoption fees and the generous donations of our supporters and without your support we could not help these birds in need.
We thank you for your donations to help us ensure every bird gets the medical care they require and deserve and the best toys and quality food we can provide them.

Thank you for your continued support <3

2 thoughts on “New Web Site!

  • Carol Wilson

    Well done. Very nice site.

  • So glad that I have found this site! Thank you for your shared info.
    I took my 6yo Blue Fronted Amazon to the vet, for her first health check, and learned a lot 🙂
    Will be checking your site often for more insight.
    Great Work <3

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