Bandit -Lovebird – Adoption Pending

Bandit is a semitame lovebird approx 8 – 10 yrs old.  He recently lost his cage mate and seems to be adjusting well to being an only bird.  He likes the company of other birds but is cage protective and will bite toes if other birds land on his cage.

He enjoys daily baths in his large water bowl, likes veges and millet and some high quality seed. He is currently in a large flight cage as he is fully flighted and enjoys flying around inside it.  He does like to come out and likes sitting on your head 🙂 and will fly back to his cage, although being a bird, he does love sitting on your curtains!

He enjoys sleeping in his hidey hut or his coconut.   He can be quite vocal so if you live in an apartment or shared dwelling, he may not be the best fit for you.

Please fill out an application form located on our website under “adoption”.

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